PB2000 Inline wire-o punching and binding machine


PB2000 Inline wire-o punching and binding machine iswidely used for binding calendars and wire-o notebooks. It includes collator, calendar hard cover punch, calendarinner page punch, wire-o cut, insert and binding. It can improve a lot ofproduction efficiency.



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uMax speed can reach 3000 books per hour

uWire-o binding system is a full in-line system which utilizes wire from spools , itwill cut, insert, close and drop on the conveyor, it can drop a lot of waste

uAutomatic replacement system of wire spools, save operating time

uOnly need 1-2 operators, can save a lot of labor cost.

uSimple& fast on-screen machine setup



Technical parameters
Max Punching and Binding size580*420mm(P/B side)
Min Punching and Binding size105*105mm
Speed1200-3000 books per hour
Max Punching ThicknessCalendar board 6mm, inner pagers 3mm
Wire size1/4"-9/16"
Air Pressure6-8bar
Machine size5900*2010*1850mm(no including conveyor)